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My older brother is transsexual

My older brother is transsexual
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"Your comment is the only one that matters on this thread! The Fundamentalist of ANY Religious Organization have it all wrong and do not represent Christ in any way, shape or form. ALL Religious Organizations have created and applied their own Theology in order to create their positions of Headship over the Men in their Organizations. I will speak of the Christian sects first. By using theological applications, they were/are able to create positions of Authority/Headship/Shepherdship/Intercessor/Lordship over the Christian men in their Churches/Congregations. They place themselves in between Man and Christ but..... We read at 1 Corinthians 11:3 that Christ is the Head of a Man. There is no room for any one else to come in between Christ and the Man. This agrees with Ephesians 5:22.25. The Shepherds spoken of in Acts chapter 20 were appointed by the Apostle Paul who was very concerned that the Wolves Jesus warned about at Matthew 7:15 were going to enter into the Christian Congregations after Paul was gone. Paul had warned of these ones forming an Apostasy at 2 Thessalonians Chapter 2. It takes quite a bit of Theological Application to produce a Doctrine that allows Men to take Headship over Christian Men. This is a Theological position held by all modern Christian Organizations, it is not Scriptural. Religious Organizations have moved so far from the teachings of Christ that it makes absolutely no sense to belong to one. Note: I am a Christian Man. I Profess Jesus Christ. God's Word the Bible is my guide. I believe it was written for all of us to read daily and learn it's full message. No one should need the Middle Man[ Religious Organization] to achieve their personal relationship with God through Christ."

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My older brother is transsexual
My older brother is transsexual
My older brother is transsexual

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Vilrajas 1 year ago
It is why "nobody knew" pretty much everything in this administration.
Zulutilar 1 year ago
We can see that a car doesn't exist, because the fraudster didn't produce the car. We can see that god doesn't exist, because for some reason, no one can produce it either.
Shaktim 1 year ago
Ahhh good point! Possibly :)
Zulkira 1 year ago
Why does that make a difference? We're working with a tiny little country in a faraway place (at least from Rome.) We are working with the One who has created a Universe with a few sentences
Tauzuru 1 year ago
That quickly devolved into a rant. I stopped reading around where you started trashing the Parkland kids.
Moogukus 11 months ago
I?m sure there are scrolls & manuscripts, historical events, & prophesies
Mijar 11 months ago
"Lgbtqxxx issues are much more complicated and have no place in primary or secondary public education in my opinion."
Majinn 11 months ago
Why would take the Lord supper if your in Sin?
Zulkisida 11 months ago
Where are we going?
Fenrirr 11 months ago
#1 is most certainly NOT irrelevant! It is at the very heart of any bias and misconduct!
Muzil 11 months ago
Where is the cutoff so we can make that determination?
Gushicage 10 months ago
Whatever it takes to wake the brain-dead is okay with me.
Nikozuru 10 months ago
But this isn't something that's behind him. And reputation is a funny asset for celebrities...Katy Perry could very well fall from a change in public mores she could never have predicted, and ultimately few (if any) would want to take a shot promoting her without some serious planning for how she's going to tackle the come back. And that's without even committing a crime.
Goltidal 10 months ago
true, but has everything to do with winning the up coming mid terms, like I said, drove him nuts, where were the millions of illegal votes he lied about ?
Moogugore 10 months ago
Why yes, god's will be done with his perfect plan. It's funny really. As this meme holds an awful lot of truth for me. See I ended up helping a young girl, who had been getting viscously raped almost from the day she turned 8 until she was 17 by her Christian father. Her Christian mother knew all about it but because of her brain-washing from watching a Christian program so much, she refused to speak out against her husband or put a stop to what he was doing to her daughter. She would not even divorce him after he got arrested for it. Even her Christian aunts and uncles KNEW what was going on, but did absolutely nothing to put a stop to it.
Tygok 10 months ago
LMAO. It was worse because I couldn?t tell if it was a woman or maybe a dude. He was arguing with himself. Maybe it was the person?s momma. I think they had a scarf on their head.
Yoktilar 10 months ago
sjw. If the theists here did not preach their opinions to the world and had the secure faith of, oh say the Amish, then the skeptics would not need to counter the nonsense of the ancient ignoramuses, would we?
Zusar 10 months ago
I already face the reality that God MIGHT exist... in the same way that I face the reality that magical unicorns MIGHT exist. In BOTH cases there is absolutely no reason to believe that they DO exist without verifiable evidence.
Kam 10 months ago
Then "thank Providence". Whichever way you want it.
Nibei 10 months ago
you can measure it, create a theory about it, and test that theory
Jushakar 9 months ago
that's a GREAT James Franco impersonation!
Faezahn 9 months ago
It is triage TS.
My older brother is transsexual

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