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"You got documents to prove you have rights from God. Otherwise you are an undocumented citizen of the USA. Like the rest of us."

"Thats right Freya. I was the only one who showed up that day. and Siem and Venarane will be divided up. I let her stand there for ten minutes.

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Free hairy man bear pic Hairy
Free hairy man bear pic Hairy

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Zulkikasa 3 months ago
I saw the flood pics from Ellicot City. Thoughts are with you guys.
Dairg 2 months ago
While new mutations and changes do happen continually, the rate at which they build seems to pale in comparison to when the selective pressures are changed drastically.
Nigor 2 months ago
Do you know what "ex post facto" means?
Gardalar 2 months ago
So your spin is just that."
Kanos 2 months ago
From the OP:
Sagami 2 months ago
National polls for Hillary... and it is worth noting she won the popular vote by a few million votes, so those polls were not really off when it comes to how the US, as a whole, was feeling. (And this is coming from a person who has long stated Hillary was the worst candidate on that ballot.)
Yozshugami 2 months ago
WHAT?!!! Agreement among Christians is not what brings salvation nor is ones egotistical estimation of their intellect. 1Cor.15:1-4.
Jukinos 1 month ago
James - people disageee with you because YOU are misinterpreting the OP and many of the comments. NO ONE has said that this man committed a criminal act. He did not physically assault her. What he did DOES meet the definition of sexual harassment that I posted below. Once again, you are taking things to the extreme.
Akinok 1 month ago
Yes, I will call it stupid and illogical however. It is only adultery if its cheating. Its not cheating if they know and approve.
Danos 1 month ago
Can we also talk about how I just literally turned British the second I called you "love'. I like it.
Faubei 1 month ago
Another discussion of materialism.
Mujin 1 month ago
if he is kissing you,,you are still at risk of stds. he could catch them from the girls he is sleeping with,,and then can give it to you just by kissing.. stop seeing him.
Samugal 3 weeks ago
Thanks for your responses.
Fem 3 weeks ago
Because it never has; it has been dragged, screaming and kicking, against its will, into the modern world.
Zujinn 1 week ago
One who purposefully chooses to be ignorant about science in favor of religious myth.
Brataur 3 days ago
And, I'm a Christian AND also a healthy skeptic. Not sure if that possibility skews how you viewed it or if that's what you were measuring, such as how many religious people consider themselves skeptics.
Free hairy man bear pic Hairy

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