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"You're getting to the same contradiction I'm talking about. How can you be ambivalent if you know that reason cannot provide the very evidence you'd find convincing?"

That has the most room for luggage. Yes, you Easies. "Naughty girl, who said you had permission to do that?" She hissed as she got up off her twin's face.

" So Nick backed off a little and the remaining trio came closer, surrounding my thin body hanging in that big stone cross in the middle of that tenebrous cemetery.

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Easiest position for anal sex
Easiest position for anal sex
Easiest position for anal sex

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Tujind 10 months ago
Well, there was the time I took a Unisom and ended up staying awake for 2 days, does that count?
Vukasa 10 months ago
you claim Vishnu has to be real and yet you don't make any such requirements of your god. I cannot believe you
Jugami 10 months ago
How many are playing football during the Anthem ??
Mikashakar 10 months ago
you'll find out when the judgment comes...there is either Heaven or hell..
Fezragore 9 months ago
Wow...what a testimony!! Yes I know your truth too. It is good you can finally share your story. It is also horrific not to be believed... especially by loved ones. I am very familiar with the church molesters. They act so pious in front of others, yet when alone it all changes and the monster emerges.
Shaktikus 9 months ago
Actually Jesus the God is more important.
Niran 9 months ago
Oh wow, this is so over my head it went from funny, to stupid, to ridiculously funny!
Dat 9 months ago
Has anyone else been able to prove up the claims of religion, any religion?
Gazshura 9 months ago
God is love. How can love create hell?
Kelmaran 9 months ago
"Earned his first 1,000 Million dollars [sic ???] before he was 30, ..." He INHERITED from his dad!
Zuluhn 9 months ago
So do I. The place wasn't built just for me, but no matter.
Maurn 9 months ago
she did lesbian PORN as well
Natilar 8 months ago
Well if he does that will overcome alot of problems
Kajar 8 months ago
Judah the individual would have died long before this episode. Your reading requires that the tribe of Judah be referred to with singular verbs. Not impossible but it has to be pointed out for it to make sense.
Mazutaxe 8 months ago
What evidence? Expansion?? That is not evidence of a big bang. CMBR? That is not evidence for the big bang.
Sazilkree 8 months ago
It's a term of endearment (where my b*tches at!!! come here you gorgeous b*tch), a term men use to tear down a woman who isn't doing what he wants (whatever,stupid b*tch. you're being such a b*tch right now.), a term women use to describe other women they find intolerable (omg becky is the biggest b*tch.)
Dinris 8 months ago
Fair enough. Id still rather take my chances with a knife. And it's still nowhere on the level of the US.
Arashilkis 7 months ago
I agree. I've never taken it out of the box. I was told it was an auto and that's why it stopped. There is a card wrapped in leather and an owners manual (I think), in the box.
Dall 7 months ago
Not the best representation of Scarlett Johansson
Nigore 7 months ago
Sadly there are millions of people without the means to raise and support even one.
Faugul 7 months ago
Yep boy and girl for the twins and an older son in college.
Mikam 6 months ago
Seems like an appropriate place for his tattoo he seems like a full blown idiot.
Tar 6 months ago
I've been to Bet Tsida, which all the tour guides claim was the spot for the 'Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes'. . .the hillsides are all scrub, though there is a bit of grass nearer the river. Is that good enough?
Torr 6 months ago
Or he heard about in passing on the news and jumped to conclusion.
Kirn 6 months ago
Like Ive already explained maybe twice now...
Najin 6 months ago
I said "some" not "all"...
Tugal 6 months ago
They're both strict, but why don't you tell me since it's your point you're trying to make Are you trying to say NYC police is doing such a great job and considering they have tough gun restrictions, they're crime rate is somewhat decent? I don't deny that, but that's NY police and it's still not as good as Conservative areas that have lax gun laws. And just for the sake of argument, i'll give you NYC, now spend another 2 hours to find another one. LOL. Yet, I can name you ten horrible cities with strict gun laws.
Vibar 5 months ago
The Ontario Liberals were certainly horrible.
Dadal 5 months ago
Following the current laws in Ireland abortion carries a penalty of 14 years in prison. That I would say is wrecking a persons life.
Gardara 5 months ago
Yeah, I haven?t gotten off track. You implied that a two decade discrepancy in carbon dating somehow gives credence to Christian creationism. Not atypical of your usual M.O.
Kajilkis 5 months ago
And dew! Nobody knows how it gets on the ground! Nobody ever sees dew happen! You wake up in the morning and it?s just there!
Groshakar 5 months ago
I don't know what Equinsu said, but my first post with them was "The only things funnier than fat shaming are racism and rape jokes.". They have, like, no sense of humor at all. I used an e-mail address generator and made myself a couple of accounts to go back and look, and those self-righteous twats talked about me on that post for two days after I was banned and deleted.
Vuran 5 months ago
"Empirical evidence is information acquired by observation or experimentation. Scientists record and analyze this data. The process is a central part of the scientific method. "
Fenrijinn 4 months ago
?I and my father are one?

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