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"Tricky claim, that: "I am using God's reasoning." It is a claim that has led to some very dark places in human history."

" Carol took a step back. features.

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Back then, you couldnt just flip open a phone or go on a website and view porn. The little ways she had been acting bratty over the last few days.

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Digar 1 year ago
He was a victim of his father and their collective ?religion?. This little fvcker should still be in Gitmo. He is NOT hated because he is a Muslim. He is hated because of his actions in Afghanistan and that this wimpy azzwhipe government giving him 10.5 M. He never deserved any money regardless of your protestations. The little fvcker is lucky he is alive and living in Canada.
Mezikinos 1 year ago
Cle is a good team. Dysfunctional but good. No excuses.
Kagagor 1 year ago
he was a typical christian man of his times. he traveled with the papal legate. he also would have known the bible and christ's life very well, as would the perpetrators of the bloodshed.
Shakazahn 1 year ago
"Im a Christian"
Grolkree 1 year ago
with sauteed onions and mushrooms.
Zolojas 1 year ago
I am not ?biologically superior?. I get tired like everyone else. And there are many times I fought my tiredness to remain awake at meetings and in class. It would be a very weird world to live in if everyone was just falling asleep or dozing whenever they felt it like at work, or at school or driving (by the way if you involuntarily fall asleep - it's likely that driving is a super dangerous activity) or while operating heavy farm equipment. And honestly, it?s not fair to the students (like me) who despite being tired, managed not to fall asleep in class. Most students in class manage not to fall asleep, do you think they are all more awake or interested in the lesson? I am pretty sure they aren't. Where I worked, if I had fallen asleep/dozed during a meeting, that would reflect poorly on me. I can't even imagine doing that. And I had a pretty normal work environment and worked with great people and a easy going boss.
Maubar 1 year ago
I say the partners can do what they want.
Mezikazahn 1 year ago
We all have a dog in the fight you have a world view as much as I do. We both want to see society progress and we both want to live in peace.
Kejinn 1 year ago
Hollywood would actually suggest that is very much the case.
Gajin 1 year ago
What about it? I've specified that I'm talking about universal common descent. None of the above have anything to do with that.
Dijar 1 year ago
Holy Cats, just got off the phone getting an estimate for hiring movers. Approx. 7 hours at 170 per hour. OUCH
Fegore 1 year ago
Well, you're learning how to insult people from your bible teaching, but you forgot the poor Samaritan women was hungry and she did nothing wrong but your Bible says, Jesus called her dog and didn't give her a piece of bread. I've done with you, may God open your eyes to know, there is nothing Satanic but your Bible.
Gocage 1 year ago
It's not, analogous laws are found in Middle Assyrian legal codes.
Meztijar 1 year ago
LOL! You obviously don't know the truth! LOL!
Keshakar 1 year ago
Care to explain how?
Kajitaxe 11 months ago
I have never blocked a mod. Here or anywhere else. Well I?m sure I could fix that if I felt like it.
Tygogore 11 months ago
That's ancient. Ervs are full of function, so they are finding out. It seems that's what happens when you jump the gun. Its not accurate science, but that's exactly what's been happening.
Nikolmaran 11 months ago
You've demonstrated that you purposefully choose to be ignorant about multiple fields of science.
Dina deville hustler

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