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Date chubby girls 80922

Date chubby girls 80922
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"A slew of shitty, underpaid jobs that no American wants. Kick out the immigrants and you have a bunch of unfilled jobs that Americans don't want. I guess this is how you MAGA, lol."

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Date chubby girls 80922
Date chubby girls 80922

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Kazrakora 10 months ago
What can you do...we're humans..
Dourr 10 months ago
Romney's hoping for a job offer. Too late.
Kigakora 10 months ago
I have some interesting work stories.
Gugul 10 months ago
There was no deregulation that led to financial collapse.
Zulkishakar 9 months ago
Christianity came about ~2,000 years ago. Jesus WAS Jewish. His initial teaching were Jewish. The first half of the Christian bible is the Jewish Torah. Christianity quite literally evolved out of Judaism. Even if you're a science denying YE creationist, that's still generally accepted as true.
Daibar 9 months ago
Chase, thanks for raising these important tax questions!
Faunris 9 months ago
Thank you my friend Allelujah!
Mashakar 9 months ago
(Let's) try a GED first. I think one of us is having issues.
Kaktilar 9 months ago
Thanks for taking the poll and publishing the results. A cursory judgment would be: I think that the poll pretty much reflects the kind of posts that this board typically hosts. Still, nice to see what the poll results were.
Gardazil 8 months ago
I know you would, but this isn't really about you

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