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Barbie Addison

Barbie Addison
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"Right. You?ve got the basic idea, although it?s more in relation to previous C-14 measures, since the Bible doesn?t give absolute dates. To me it seems like such a small difference, I haven?t been interested. Bible dates themselves depend on stratigraphic archeological layering and the dating of associated materials, and then its own relative chronology, and often enough efforts to make correlations with the Egyptian Chronology convention and possibly others."

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Barbie Addison
Barbie Addison

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Mezuru 1 year ago
You get an F for clearly being unfamiliar with the story in question.
Bralkree 1 year ago
Dude, the reason there is no historical record of Jews in antiquity killing anyone, is because this was a religious group (not a race of people, though it became one), fighting a spiritual war to win over converts from among the other folks of the fertile crescent where this group emerged in antiquity. This group began as a cult,one with a new "universal" message of uniting all the gods under the "One God", and must have gained some prominence. They were waging a kind of spiritual war with the polytheistic teachings of the other religions, and their "gods", that is, they were "battling" their religious leaders and doctrine, who naturally were alarmed when their members began to join the One God group. Sometimes they got persecuted. Sometimes they prevailed. When folks who joined up acted outside the group rules, they "killed" them spiritually, that is, they kicked them out of the group. If a whole religious culture opposed the One God message, then they went to "war" with that, spiritually. Like the "salvation army". Get it?^
Batilar 1 year ago
Interesting scenario. One that I've not encountered or thought about before. If the US changed from and income tax system to a consumption tax system, what difference would it make? Perhaps I'm missing something...
Fenrirr 1 year ago
They got sued for doing their job?
Yojind 1 year ago
The reason I give the nod to FR here is that when I was a christian, I definitely felt Sunday was the "Lord's day"
Mogami 1 year ago
Only if you don't recant Kenny!
Samulkis 1 year ago
Samukinos 1 year ago
Science is all based on evidence. No evidence for god, no relevance.
JoJozragore 1 year ago
Silly spammer. I'll stick with Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe.
Mashura 11 months ago
My kids have never been exposed to Ayn Rand.
Douktilar 11 months ago
No, is not.
Ter 11 months ago
Not the same.
Barbie Addison

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