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"LMAO my son was like "well at least I won't have to walk to the bus-stop in the rain and snow anymore" and I'm all"

"I would never be a bad mommy for you. Even if the room wasn't sound-proof and yM to all outsiders' ears, it would've been useless for him to try and make a noise.

Dont Think, Slut - Lela LuvBug #2

Dont Think, Slut - Lela LuvBug #2

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My wife watches fuck other women
My wife watches fuck other women
My wife watches fuck other women

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Akitilar 1 year ago
1. Concrete was used in the ME centuries before Rome. The Chinese were building roads when Rome was non-existent.
Tejas 1 year ago
Sweetie... Hugs for the pain. I will put prayers and healing vibes in the air and send them your way. I hate it when people hurt.
Nikogul 1 year ago
Enjoy it while it lasts.
Taull 1 year ago
Well, next time you comment, please be civil and avoid bashing the channel. Thanks. :)
Goltizragore 1 year ago
You can't ignore the taintiness of taints.
Shakazil 1 year ago
Maybe a bit of both .
Zulukus 11 months ago
The point is "who are you to argue?" Which is what you just posted. Can you please just follow along?
Tugrel 11 months ago
You do know that the Nazis practiced eugenics to rid population of inferior sorts like those with health abnormalities right?
Tagis 11 months ago
no true Scotsman tells what's beneath the Kilt? :)
Murisar 11 months ago
On what evidence do you base that statement?
Mauran 10 months ago
Oh for goodness sake, Peter. I am doing no such thing. I have said all religion is evil. I believe that. I am just calling out the hypocrisy in your article. In some countries religion is not a choice, you worship as they say or you die. In America we are free to decide our own belief. Heritage or government has very little say on who we choose to worship.
Moogukinos 10 months ago
No, it isn't. The whole "right to refuse service to anyone" signage started in the south during the civil rights era. Can you guess what it was code for?
Tokree 10 months ago
Except that being gay isn't a sin.
Barn 10 months ago
Aren't they all .
Samucage 10 months ago
It's very hard to tell since the indoctrinated tend to try and defend the product of their indoctrination to the bitter end.
Brabar 10 months ago
"There are no such things as souls"
Nishakar 10 months ago
that's a GREAT James Franco impersonation!
Tauk 9 months ago
What is this "come on, man?"
My wife watches fuck other women

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