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"He can't. He is getting his stuff from far right groups set up to attack LGBT people. They are all dishonest conmen who made groups with names super close to legitimate organizations in an effort to muddy the water and look legit"

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" My name is Richard. " Molly wanted to get to know him as well.

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Mature lady and brunette licking Brunette
Mature lady and brunette licking Brunette

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Dakazahn 1 year ago
The Therory of evolution by natural selection us a perfectly good explanation for what is observed. The conclusion of common descent is well supported by the evidence yet some people are not happy. Instead of accepting a simple easily understood explanation they insist it's more complicated than it is and the only way to explain it is magic/a god did it.
Dairisar 1 year ago
i'm not so sure that all technological innovations translate into social and political progress
Moogumi 1 year ago
Sorry wont happen again
Moramar 1 year ago
we will see next Thursday.
Taurisar 1 year ago
To the credit of the many anti-theists on here, it's much easier to just give a one-sentence disparaging remark than actually put some thought into it and give a rational argument to each of those.
Aralar 1 year ago
According to the scenario, you can't -- either the case it too heavy or big, but the whole point is that you must choose only one of the two to save.
Akilrajas 1 year ago
I?m a gambling man baby
Nikojind 1 year ago
I know it sounds like a crazy idea, but you might want to actually read the link you keep posting...
Gozshura 1 year ago
Atheism gets you off the hook from the fear of any punishment in the afterlife, but Christians still do some bad things.
Arashinris 1 year ago
A pope with kids that's hilarious, Constantine would be enraged.
Kigajora 1 year ago
"Indeed, a major source of objection to a free economy is precisely that it gives people what they want instead of what a particular group thinks they ought to want. Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself."
Muran 1 year ago
Read the post I?m responding to?
Kazisho 1 year ago
Why are you asking just about America? You asked at what point the earth becomes overpopulated and I said it already is. Hey, when we're (humans) are over-fishing the ocean I'd say there's too many people.
JoJozshura 1 year ago
YOU'RE the one that started talking about the Big Bang model, which you later segued into Inflation theory when you were losing ground on your point. Your initial point:
Vudojin 1 year ago
so guy's are just after the chase?
Shakat 1 year ago
A town without laws is the wild west. If nothing is labeled wrong idcare how good you are, you break the law.
Yoramar 1 year ago
I have read it. It's hard for me to understand how anyone who reads it can believe it. This god is childish, cruel, unimaginative, petty and arbitrary. This god isn't even terribly bright. If I was going to invent a god, I think I could have done a far better job.
Mok 11 months ago
Don't drink the water.

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