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Fuck fake palin

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"When you write "argue semantics," does this encompass women being forced?"

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SisLovesMe - Big Tit Girl Has Revenge Sex With Step Brother

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Fuck fake palin
Fuck fake palin

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JoJobar 1 year ago
Ah, yes, you're correct, I was wrong. You're not doing a "No True Scotsman". You're engaging in the far more tedious tactic of obfuscation by semantics. Maybe if we bog the conversation down in a morass of "what does it TRULY mean to be Christian" and "Can you be 'not-Christian' even though you think you are and you espouse all the beliefs and articles of faith typically required" we won't have time to deal with the meat and potatoes of what was asked.
Vigul 1 year ago
"But are you basically saying that guys get away with stuff in court and girls never do?"
Tura 1 year ago
You say nothing.
Mijind 1 year ago
The lady "talks funny", as Gracie would say. ??
Meztigor 1 year ago
Con-men are in every ideology. Theism and anti-theism attract con-men along with sincere seekers.
Mikabar 1 year ago
Kim Jong-un is playing Trump for a chump. That will become obvious even to YOU soon.
Maukinos 1 year ago
Because it ignores where he is actually coming from. Or are you also accusing him of lying about that?
Mikalkree 1 year ago
Didn't give it much thought.
Shakarr 1 year ago
She?ll never notice a missing button or two.
Tygomuro 1 year ago
Sometimes I have the fantasy that it would be a good thing to find and kill all the warmongers, the Bushs and Rumsfelds, the Cheneys, Putins and Obamas and of course the ones behind them, the military-industrial complex. Imagine how many lives could be saved! I'll count on you when I finally snap.
Tasho 1 year ago
I suppose if a person dwells on that thought, enjoys the lustful fantasy, that would be immoral. But my OBVIOUS point is that we are all tempted with desires, and the temptation of itself is not sinful for reasonable and true Christians. It is acting on them, even if it is playing with them in one's head.
Branos 1 year ago
Then on what basis do you assume that they went to a bakery known for custom designs because they didn't want a cake custom designed to celebrate their particular wedding?
Vogor 1 year ago
It's never about the rejection. There is always something else. The rejected are already stupid crazy before they get rejected and because of the closeness, whether real or imaginary, they use it as an excuse to act out. Which is what they want: an excuse.
Dir 1 year ago
I frequent the daily wire. They?re like the Jerry Springer of biased media outlets. Their opinions and headlines are so outrageous it?s hard to look away.
Taukazahn 1 year ago
Don?t get mad at me because you?re a cocksucker Sling Blade, I just think it?s funny. ;)
Saran 11 months ago
I'll add to the "you're all boy scouts" argument: I've never seen an atheist on these forums be pro-slavery, and argue that the problem with Christianity is it suggests all people are equally human.
Jusho 11 months ago
4. Should high school students be allowed to proselytize individually?
Akinorr 11 months ago
So your stats are.....running away. Typical scaredy-cat move.
Gak 11 months ago
Just who appointed you arbiter of Christianity?
Meziran 11 months ago
Even the Beaver's are friendly in Canada
Kigajind 11 months ago
You did bring in the word....( Intelligence) .It is your Truth not maybe the Truth.
Doujar 10 months ago
Neither do you. Thou shalt not murder. You don't execute prisoners- the state does. Learn something applicable.
Fuck fake palin

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