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"There is white and there is not white. He is white. End of story. He is the same, genetically as all other anglos. Hes brain, on the other hand, is quite a different story."

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I still had plenty of time before they got here and there was some things I wanted to do before hand.

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Free fuck in austin texas

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Voodooshicage 11 months ago
I'll take the 5 gallon pale.
Miramar 11 months ago
Uh, oh... you got a dismissive "lol". Maybe he had to go wash his car instead of actually making some kind of intelligent contribution to support his retarded post. I dunno.
Tojazilkree 11 months ago
Is that right?
Kaganris 10 months ago
OH I got ya... well I think it's stupid their mascot has a wardrobe. The whole point of having a mascot is consistency for recognition,right?
Kelrajas 10 months ago
Kid or no kid, I'm not cleaning the attic!
Yozshule 10 months ago
I agree, I wouldn't like Sister, to begin to build a basis on why I feel He thinks He might know, but I'm presuming, it's because of some very narrow interpretation of a gay individual that he's got, He see's a gay individual as perhaps likely to behave a certain way, You feel me right? This is America, people don't need much to take weird notions upon themselves.
Gazuru 10 months ago
Jesus is without sin. (Hebrews 4:15). So he does not have to pay the wages of sin which is death.
Brajas 10 months ago
The benchmark points are a presidents first and last day.
Kigazil 9 months ago
Yeah I dont think Trump should do that.
Arashijinn 9 months ago
How? The resurrection negates the sacrifice. Jesus was the sacrifice so if God took him back, the sacrifice is gone. What do mean completes the sacrifice?
Negore 9 months ago
Unlike the Star or the CBC, Post media does allow dissenting views from their columnists.
Kilmaran 9 months ago
Funny story dad....
Garisar 9 months ago
Than you are absolutely partisan blind dude. You need to go back over this thread from an oldest first standpoint and then rethink this post. You may even surprise yourself.
Netilar 8 months ago
Sessions, unlike Trump, isn't concerned with getting in front of the camera all the time. Sessions, unfortunately, actually gives a damn about policy. Unfortunately, that's why Sessions keeps his head down busily implementing Trump's racist, white nationalist DOJ policy agenda.
Grorg 8 months ago
Do you know how many philosophers criticized Hawking for his irresponsible philosophical claim, there is no need for God? This man was brilliant in science but idiot in philosophy and you believe his philosophy blindly without using your mind or educate yourself to know why his statement was silly to pass some personal agenda and has nothing to do with science.
Zutaur 8 months ago
That's good to know. Explain to me how it's my fault it happened.
Shadal 8 months ago
You can what you want with your body and YOUR fucking money
Kazimi 8 months ago
Tends to be the umbrella term used. They are Celtic gods.
Zulkigul 8 months ago
Happy that nobody died. That can dampen the mood.
Zulkigar 7 months ago
Because it is against God, and God created man and woman and said "Be fruitful and multiply the whole earth." God did not create Adam and Steve but Adam and Eve!
Meztijas 7 months ago
Depends on the Underwear I guess..... some I've seen look lethal to try and take off... ;- )
Moogukazahn 7 months ago
I'm pretty sure excessive braiding and excessive use of "products" as a teenager contributed to me being mostly bald by time i hit 32. You raise a good point- she might like how the cut looks now... but cutting it that way repeatedly for a period of time may be unhealthy for future growth.
Kazizilkree 7 months ago
I'm familiar with Mr. Ehrman and his position. I'm also familiar with the counter arguments to his position and why he has made several, for lack of a better term, leaps of faith- with his faith.
Zoloshura 6 months ago
My 18 year old grandson understands them. Amazing!
Tall 6 months ago
It should be a slam dunk.
Voodoogal 6 months ago
It went down the wrong hole just as I was reading that particular comment. Nothing more.
Akimi 6 months ago
Really, do you believe that a God would speak to anyone and reveal to them some information? If a God actually 'told anyone' anything, it would be called interference in our freewill and that would be impossible to contemplate.
Kajit 5 months ago
YAHWEY was a rugby coach encouraging annihilation!
Gagore 5 months ago
[puts down vape] Afternoon, Nevada.
Arakasa 5 months ago
Yes, even for the parents of the child.
Tegar 5 months ago
LOL, that's a good one, especially coming from a Russian Bot!
Kazijora 5 months ago
Not yet? That would be a bit presumptuous, wouldn't it?
Free fuck in austin texas

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