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"I think this will be a temporary loss at best. The US is less religious and more accepting of gays than ever. At some point, people with discriminatory beliefs will be so marginalized that they won't be an issue."

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Lilymeadows live recording 9/1/17

Lilymeadows live recording 9/1/17

Her green eyes were almost lifeless as she said, "You can never leave here. As he devoured another sausage, he spread half a stick of butter over his steaming pancakes.

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Young college girls love cum College

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Akinogami 11 months ago
I realize that you are merely following instructions, lefty hack, but, surely you must have somehow stumbled on the fact that Putin is sympathetic to the Iranian regime!
Mesar 11 months ago
Do me! Do me! Do me!
Dogar 11 months ago
How do I stop getting invited to this shit?
Kazrakora 11 months ago
Even the 10-foot one. :-)
Yolar 11 months ago
"And did you know, that Christians and others do not worship a female god? "
Sabar 11 months ago
Sooo...making me relive most of my 20's then? Good, I can't remember much of them anyway! =P
Nelar 10 months ago
Well, we have certainly been made well aware that your angle is that God didn't design DNA...and therefore, DNA cannot be a code.
Daishura 10 months ago
Let?s cast a wide net here. No exclusions for anyone here.
Mibar 10 months ago
If it's not harmful or criminal, it's probably not the business of an outsider.
Jukinos 10 months ago
Oh. Sorry. It was a joke.
Baran 10 months ago
the question wasn?t asking if reductionists are evolutionary fundamentalists. The question was asking if you agree that they are indeed evolutionary fundamentalists. In order to have an informed opinion about that, you need to know what evolutionary fundamentalism is, and calling reductionists anti-theists doesn?t change the definition of evolutionary fundamentalism. So your rant over the use of the word anti-theist was a straw man, and you haven?t demonstrated any knowledge of what Gould meant by evolutionary fundamentalism.
Tetilar 9 months ago
Nope. I am a centrist. Being outnumbered in a forum that skews right-wing is to be expected.
Yom 9 months ago
Also, the baker isn't catering to a wedding. He isn't there to help. He sells a product. A caterer is one who's there AT the wedding. THEN he'd be attending and partaking in the wedding. But selling a product from his store and never going near isn't attending a wedding.
Tugor 9 months ago
2 Chronicles 15:12-13
Kazrabei 9 months ago
At the gym they play a SIRIUSXM station called Pop Rocks, that is essentially the 90's and early 00's. You'll hear everything from Lifehouse to Maroon 5 to Barenaked Ladies to Soul Asylum to Goo Goo Dolls to Sheryl Crow.
Duhn 9 months ago
the government can?t abuse its power in any other case. Don?t see why it?s different with police. It?s time people stop making excuses for these officers who lets be real... they know nothing will ever happen to them. It?s sport for them.
Samujinn 9 months ago
Oh that's messed up
Fenrigor 8 months ago
I would bet you my nuts. Pence is as deep as deep state gets. He deserves a noose not the presidency. Trump used his dumb backward ass to get the evangelical tards.
Tull 8 months ago
Akinogor 8 months ago
He was being arrested and resisted being taken into custody and getting down when he was instructed to, so they had to escalate the force used. It wasn't instantly starting to punch him. He was put in a hold and struggled to stay on his feet. Resisted arrest.
Telmaran 8 months ago
You got that right Sir Tainley!
Zulukus 8 months ago
"with 2000 year old morality that you accept as truth"
Galkis 7 months ago
That's what I mean by a gawk. It's a short look with a wierd look on my face!
Zutilar 7 months ago
"God works in mysterious ways!" I hear that so often. It's a cop out. It really means I have no idea why it happened that way but I will give god the credit. Oh well.

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