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Teen moms from polygamist sect

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"Fine. But do the majority -- the "average" -- Americans own a multi-million dollar jet? This IS extravagance."

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Teen moms from polygamist sect
Teen moms from polygamist sect
Teen moms from polygamist sect

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Kasar 1 year ago
This thread is over, we can move along now.
Zulkigrel 1 year ago
No, not all believers. Bible literalists, however, seem to be irrational.
Volkis 1 year ago
Tri County Outreach is owned by a Christian woman and her daughter.
Taulmaran 1 year ago
They ALL follow different interpretations of their holy books.
Mezinris 1 year ago
Stop insulting me.
Nezahn 1 year ago
That was a weird comment. Evolution isn't a settled science - the core is about as verified as a scientific theory can be but there's refinement going on around the edges all the time.
Kat 1 year ago
I have never heard a coherent definition of "a supernatural event."
Faegar 1 year ago
Gradualism and natural selection are not doing what evo says. Genetics has busted this wide open.
Dashakar 1 year ago
Order Europeans to obey or else?
Nekree 1 year ago
Well on Valentine's Day 1960 Mom and dad do the horizontal combo....
Dimi 1 year ago
(1) For the most part figuratively, although there are parts where that distinction is... not useful.
Vukazahn 1 year ago
I don't blame you. It would seem just as stupid each time.
Shaktikasa 1 year ago
Then cite them.
Aratilar 1 year ago
You support the CIA?
Shaktikinos 1 year ago
Thank you for proposing such an interesting and sobering topic.
Faulmaran 11 months ago
Prove it. Lets see the proof of this. I presented articles and presented this op completely off the facts discovered in genetics.
Faugrel 11 months ago
DSF. Does generally being brain dead count?
Vijas 11 months ago
I don't think you worked out that you yourself have debunked Pascal's wager, hence my laughter.
Mooguzahn 11 months ago
The Jesus of the Gospels cannot be separated from the context of myth and theology. Jesus will and must remain an integrated part of myth and faith joined at the head just as Siamese twins who share vital organs are joined.
Shaktishakar 10 months ago
Bitches always want a dude to hold a door for them and stuff!
Shaktill 10 months ago
I'm not the one that denies the threat of MS-13.
Voodoorisar 10 months ago
Did Jesus say that we shouldn't help those who are poor if it is because they made poor choices?
Mezisida 10 months ago
i repeat.... you have the right to be stupid. the problem is not that this guy did something we all know is stupid..... it is that too many of are OK with the REASON it is stupid. cop tells you to sit, so you sit..... OR THEY BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU!!!!! why are we OK with this? yes, he was dumb...... but it was dumb because we all know this is the reaction you get from cops, and we are somehow fine with that. we should not be fine with that.
Vilkis 10 months ago
And it?s spelled FEETIS ??
Temi 10 months ago
Someday they will all be mostly agnostic/atheist.
Shaktizahn 10 months ago
God has provided modern medicine, so I'll be using it, too! LOL!!
Doshakar 10 months ago
It's like when I design a circuit board. You start with a general idea, but you have to get it to the point of connecting pin 1 on chip U1 to pin 66 on U5. The low level details have to work, not the general idea. So for evolution, the low level is one random mutation. The problem is that it would take many sequential mutations to make anything new, but mutations can only be selected for their immediate effect, not for what will happen in the future after many other mutations.
Vijar 9 months ago
Jail time. Prosecuted like any other crime. Hopefully that will dissuade other women from following in her path.
Mazuzil 9 months ago
And you have not offered an alternate explanation at all. So I'd say my explanation is still better than yours.

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