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"I am totally agianst wasting money. This government is still fighting veterans."

Three man surounding me, grinning maliciously beneath their cloth masks made of black fabric which exposed only their eyes and mouth, and soon as they dropped me in the wagon's floor I wasn't feeling anything anymore, my body shivered stiff on the ground.

Yeah. Im going to-[i].


'You're late', she informed me, 'you will have to be punished' and so saying, she stood up and taking me by the cain between the cuffs led me over to the centre of the room. She kept gasping, hardly able to control her voice.

The little shit was pissing in her mouth. skidts, I really enjoyed myself. "Did I just call her Mistress?" he asked himself aand he pumped. In my mid-twenties, I arrived here, New York. "I just love giving my filthy sluts what they need. Do you need a pacifier, wittle babwy?" I turned and ran, my feet slapping on the linoleum, my pigtails bouncing around my shoulder.

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Hot girls in skirts and high heels
Hot girls in skirts and high heels
Hot girls in skirts and high heels

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Vudokora 1 year ago
Oh well yeah, cause offering thoughts and prayers after each mass shooting is doing oh so well to stop them huh?
Malazahn 1 year ago
The GOP had the point to win at any cost.
Arakree 1 year ago
That's the big bang?
Kazrami 1 year ago
There's some ton of straw... but I'll try anyway:
Vilkis 1 year ago
Perhaps I wasn't clear. I wasn't questioning whether or not churches can be profitable, however a private equity firm investing specifically to make profit would seem to violate the "non-profit" aspect of the churches tax status, if nothing else.
Dolmaran 1 year ago
And a god you can't disprove.
Mezragore 1 year ago
My point is Jesus told his followers give unto God was is God's and give unto Caesar what is Caesar's. Slavery was a huge part of the economy during the Roman empire and entirely legal. Paul's mission was to spread the Gospel and increase Christ's Church. God left it to the Christians of the 19th Century to end slavery.
Arashikinos 1 year ago
Like 100% sure? How are you so certain? What gives you that certainty?
Yozshull 1 year ago
The evolution of The Matrix?
Shakagor 1 year ago
If the intelligent design folks were arguing that complexity is intelligent design, then they'd certainly have gotten that wrong. They aren't.
Vikazahn 1 year ago
The progressive North Korean leader could likely teach President Trump some basic lessons in government management and leadership.
Zulutaxe 1 year ago
Why can't this fella ride quietly into the night..... nobody want's him, he's toxic AF to any team.
Kagazil 1 year ago
>>"Don't believe in the Big Bang? Some time ago some people didn't believe that the Earth isn't flat."<<
Shalkis 1 year ago
I posted because, at the time, I was
Kazijar 1 year ago
No I'm good, Just as along as you realize science is not a theory,
Zulkibei 11 months ago
I'm really worried about the implication that American kids should be taught they are equal to Canadians. I think you're undermining the social order of North America.
Tygogor 11 months ago in Harry Potter Tonks?
Dibei 11 months ago
No problem because she did not know the cake was to celebrate sin. So, she was not being a hypocrite when creating the cake.
Tekora 11 months ago
Not stubborn, but well-informed.
Kagalrajas 10 months ago
One could not be religious and still believe in a God. It remains as if one believes in a religion, not necessary a God.
Mazuk 10 months ago
Which version of god do you suggest is mine?
Shakarr 10 months ago
Since there is only God, who's the dinner guest and who's the meal?
Shakajora 10 months ago
"while the other hundreds (thousands?) of scholars are just going with what the evidence suggests."
Yomi 10 months ago
Okay so a few days ago my crush texted me and asked me a question and I kinda like him so I was immediately gonna say yes to his question, but he's one of my friend's ex so do you think I should talk to the friend first before I start taking action?
Yozshulrajas 9 months ago
this is as stupid as the guy with 1000 pounds of weed driving with a brake light out
Vilabar 9 months ago
Sorry but we are talking about faith and religion. Try to use that phd brain of your and follow the bouncing ball.
Arashikus 9 months ago
You tried accusing me of guessing. I proved to you I wasn't guessing. Now you're upset you're wrong and refusing to admit defeat.
Miktilar 9 months ago
I think you presume a certain level of weakness on behalf of burqa wearing women if you presume they need a law banning burqas to allow them to dress the way they want in public.
Dajar 9 months ago
So yesterday we had violent storms in our area with fires, trees down, electrical wires popping and 75% of my county was without power. I live in a rural community, predominantly black farmers and very churchy. A tree had fallen in the road blocking me from getting home. Because the storm came up so quick, a man was trying to get home fast on his motorcycle, didn't see the tree and went up in the air, came back down on the road and just...broke himself. I pulled my car into the neighbors yard and all of us are out there in this violent weather, lightning popping, branches spinning through the air with him for 30 minutes before an ambulance could get there--that's how many accidents were in our community. Last night showed me I moved to the right place. All of us could have been hurt but no one left him. Just a bunch of people praying and staying together for the sake of a neighbor. Today I am just humbled (and happy to finally have power on).
Kami 9 months ago
I have links, you have HOT AIR
Got 9 months ago
Time is a CREATED entity?

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