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"You want to fight. That's okay because I like a good fight. Why would anybody want to be "useful"? And what does it even MEAN to be "useful"? Of course I want to try to mitigate the suffering of others because when I witness somebody suffering, I suffer. I seek to be "useful" that I may mitigate their suffering, their need, so as to mitigate my own. Knowledge is pursued because we want to understand our existence which includes the whole. That deficit of understanding is existential discontent. Enlightenment is the ending of that existential discontent upon the revealing of self-knowledge otherwise known as "enlightenment". After that. it's all gravy."

" He laughed and I stared at him. He then crouched a few feet away, and did not move. "Huh.

Straddle various fiddle - Malena Morgan

Straddle various fiddle - Malena Morgan

But it didn't work. So I grabbed my bag and left the room for lunch. "I know, I know, but something came up" Jessica replied, "What could come up that would prevent your roasting and why are you wearing Jason's school uniform?" Stacey asked sitting on the end of her bed, "Well that's a funny story, you see we were on the way to the school" Jessica said pacing back and forth, "And then there was an accident, Jason eTen killed I took his clothes and came home" She said sitting on the end of the bed next to her naked friend.

" I still hadn't shampooed my hair and I was standing with a fully erect boner. He greeted us with a handshake for daddy and kisses each for Louise and myself as he opened the door for us to enter.

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Dark ebony teens nude Teen
Dark ebony teens nude Teen
Dark ebony teens nude Teen

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Arajin 10 months ago
You asked him for evidence for his garbage, and go onto spew your own garbage without a shred of evidence.
Gardabar 9 months ago
Duel function lingerie/sportswear...
Kigajar 9 months ago
Are Jeff Bezos? children born wealthy?
Tygotilar 9 months ago
Nice fresh greens and smoked meats make a good combination.
Nit 9 months ago
LMFAO ROFL!! No you didn't?! I'm so dead!
Mazuhn 8 months ago
Read OP.. should be clear enough.
Bara 8 months ago
This is because Trump works only for big business and is a racist.
Nile 8 months ago
The idea that millions of refugees only want to get to a particular country to facilitate mooching is painting with a pretty broad brush and smacks of nothing more than bigotry.
Vishakar 8 months ago
Than who or what?
Kigis 7 months ago
yes but agreed people who see same people all the time with no commitment...I could see how that can happen
Mamuro 7 months ago
I couldn't care less what most people would do. My wife and I lived BELOW our means our entire lives, and have a great nest egg, which would have been MUCH larger had we NOT been forced under threat of incarceration to pay for SS and Medicare.
Kazrasar 7 months ago
You have teeth, a round head and are too tall...
Kigabar 7 months ago
That's a load of bullocks and you know it.
Dumuro 7 months ago
The only sinking is that you defend the notion that just because CNN takes the road most traveled that there are those of us that are willing to follow them and help in destroying their integrity any way possible that is not only reopening their wounds but putting salt and anything else in that will burn.
Zulukree 6 months ago
Well, that was quite some 'protest' vote.
Gaktilar 6 months ago
I wish this was the opening act.
Zura 6 months ago
Really? I don?t remember him being brought up on further charges and honestly the pigeon training is probably calming to his aggression, which he seems to have learned how to use for a paycheck by acting like a charicature of himself (Mike Tyson Mysteries) where he seems to have no problem literally making a mockery of himself.
Yozshukasa 6 months ago
It means that I'm not brand new and recognize a black hole when I see one.
Kaganos 6 months ago
I said it was an economic thing and an embarrassment thing. By boycotting child rape protection policies and actions as described, the catholic cult will turn on a dime to change and start doing the only moral thing they can do.
Akizshura 6 months ago
couldn't be further fro the truth? are you sure?
Yozshurg 6 months ago
Oh, he does not exist and that is what I also started learning that night. It took me about another 10 years to finally accept the fact, that the sky daddy exists as much as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy does, but I finally came to the realization that hey, not one single god existed, and even if this gawd did? Then it was no god I wanted to bow down to and worship as I truly read the buybull all the way through and had been studying Christianity while attending Bangor Theological Seminary to obtain my masters degree in this bullshit. Sure in a sense, it was a waste of money going there, but in the end? It gave me the tools that proved to me how fake Christianity was and how full of crap Christians were when they kept telling me how peaceful and loving their religion is.
Zulkile 5 months ago
Same my parents were tough. But good on you because I bet they are decent people now
Dulmaran 5 months ago
It is a component of Man, created "in image and likeness" of his Creator. He has 'consciousness'. It is not that Man has 'love' in him; God IS love, hence we have love.

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