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List of lesbian celebrities out

List of lesbian celebrities out
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"I'll let our words speak for themselves on that."

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List of lesbian celebrities out
List of lesbian celebrities out
List of lesbian celebrities out

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Shataxe 1 year ago
Again (reading comprehension is key here), I said that there is a culture (with many religions) that women are to be subservient and that men are to be the only breadwinner. That culture is no longer relevant in today's society and gives men/boys a false sense of entitlement towards women "Why did she reject me? She is supposed to bow down to me!"
Mugami 1 year ago
Unless they grow tired of the "posturing" and crying about how unfair it is to live in one of richest countries on the planet.
Mara 1 year ago
Whether something is ok or not ok is entirely up to the person himself, everything is your choice and decisions, other stuff are just factors to what u decide is right or wrong
Disar 1 year ago
Ya I know
Gardagal 1 year ago
Since he is explicitly looking for people who disagree with him -- your level of inattention to his post, reflects very well the lack of content to so much of the discussion here.
Juhn 1 year ago
"Do you have a Caesar?"
Dalrajas 1 year ago
Treating other people like property is bad for the enslaver as well as the enslaved. Patriarchy is bad for men. White supremacy is bad for white people. Wealth inequality is bad for rich people.
Mikalkree 1 year ago
In my 20?s, I let a lot of great women slip through my hands because i wasn?t interested in longterm.
Zolomi 1 year ago
I called what kind of fight the Republicans were in for. Al Frankenfurter won via the recounting of the jail cells. Then you had that Sarah not funny chick opening the DNC like some participation trophy show. Like wow, start off with two not funny hate filled potty mouthed entitled people of hollow wood. One stole his seat the other a women's champ by being crass and whiny.
Kasho 1 year ago
Fascinating! Just so we are clear, the definition for Atheism states no such thing, and there are plenty of Atheists out there who grapple with the existential questions.

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