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Gifts for gay couples Gay

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"Germany admitted about one million refugees from Syria. Sounds like a lot. But there are 80 million Germans. That works out to 1.25%. That is 80 to 1 odds. There were more Jews. And it should be obvious the Jews were taking over Germany only in the fevered minds of the Nazis."

I never felt something so good. We'll have bacon, eggs, toast and sausage with orange juice. "Well I guess we will just have to work on that.

Two cute girls having fun on the couch

Two cute girls having fun on the couch

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Gifts for gay couples Gay

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Shakatilar 10 months ago
Today is always temporary. Tomorrow is always different from today. So how will he correct matters? When will it be? Will we be alive? If not, do I care? Have any proof? Merry mythology.
Meramar 10 months ago
You remind me of a Jethro Tull song.
Doujar 10 months ago
I am tired of so called conservatives attacking Trump because he doesn't do what they think a president should do or act. Trump has passed some of the most conservative legislation and yet they still attack him. Trump is not a politician and you can't put him in that mold. The elitist conservatives with their high and mighty "goals" do absolutely nothing to stop the liberal agenda and haven't done anything for decades while Trump did more in 1 year than they have in years. Peters needs to quit his whining, shut up and get behind Trump.
Mikashakar 10 months ago
For all the talk about the romance about being swept off the feet, marriage is something you need to have your eyes wide open as you enter into that discussion.
Fautilar 9 months ago
I would wager that those who are not "Christian" are a lot better off.
Sabar 9 months ago
And, they do.
Moogugar 9 months ago
The unicorn thing was an intentional false dichotomy used to highlight evidentiary shortcomings , but that's irrelevant. You stated that you see no evidence for unicorns even though you think Bible is evidence that other things are real. Well. . .are they real, or is the Bible wrong on this point?
Tygogar 9 months ago
Who GAF why you think someone should be allowed to inflict their choice of no choice on others.
Mikasho 9 months ago
Wrong. Everyone who rejects God's Unique Son, Jesus Christ is choosing to go there. Gospel of John, chapter 3, verse 18.
Kesho 9 months ago
You were never a slave, either.
Tygozahn 9 months ago
Render unto Caesar my friends.
Yosida 8 months ago
Ventriloquism (started when he opened the donkeys mouth, you know like a dummy)
Samunris 8 months ago
Ahhh..that makes me sad. :(...But Willam and Harry are good men and that won't be the issue with them.
Kishicage 8 months ago
40 authors, over 1000yrs, sharing their views, bits of history, poetry, parables and so much more.
Shaktinos 8 months ago
In this case, the kid was deported after committing a crime. Although the article doesn't say what crime. First, he's here illegally, then he gets a chance to stay and he breaks the law.
Samugami 7 months ago
That is always a danger whenever owners make a dog aggressive. Unfortunately they are more powerful than many other breeds.
Grolabar 7 months ago
Seriously, fuck that. Liberals have not tried everything, they've just given up. We get turned off when people cling to guns and faith and bigotry when they've been stripped of all their other power, which happened just as much on the watch of the liberals as the reactionary GOP death cult.
Zukazahn 7 months ago
Anticlimactic...? Ford doesn't believe in climate change.
Goltijar 7 months ago
Well you can listen at work if you want. The audiobook is great. Hearing her read it added something.
Tugrel 7 months ago
That's fantasy. They knew that signing that declaration was declaring war ans they were prepared to fight that war. We know this because they kept journals and logs.
Tygojin 7 months ago
At this point you're not asking a question, you're criticizing an example you don't understand or choose not to understand.
Mujora 6 months ago
Bev prepared to go ballistic dude. I guarantee that Dustbin has something lined up for her so she can be a blessing to Canada on the whole.
Shaktirn 6 months ago
So far these are the results
Tojalabar 6 months ago
The nazi things are a good point. And I'm thinking of all the people that post xenophobic, racist, and/or other discriminatory thoughts online as well.
Mugul 6 months ago
The courts apparently seem to disagree with you regarding the basis of "discrimination". Again, we will see...
Dishura 6 months ago
So Raw Story (snicker) says that the NY Post (suddenly credible with the left) says that an un-named source told them this? Enjoy.
Gifts for gay couples Gay

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